Thursday, 22 July 2010


One of my downfalls.



What? Well, bubbles is this popping game where you et three bubbles of the same colour clustered together and they pop. Seriously, you don't want to know. it is highly addictive and I will not even dare link it here for shame and blame.

Facebook, we all know facebook and it is a portal to all things silly and useless. Comments here, there, everywhere. I have the laptop openedmost of the day even if I am not writing because the child is running around and when I think I can zone out and write, she decides she needs attention. Yes yes, taking care of her is my number one job and all things are second to that.

So now is 8pm and miracles of miracles she is in bed. First thing I do is either go for a jog or exercise. I am following a book that says exercise for 15min everyday and follow the super healthy menu. I am exercising, the menu is... well... kinda... erh... I do my own thing and it is also healthy so all is good.

I have not exercised, will do so once this entry is posted. After the exercise, shower followed by writing.

oh, and fixing all the typos in the previous post... oops! :o)

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