Friday, 3 September 2010

Hi, I am R_ and it has been X days since I wrote.

It is sunny and my job took a back seat.

Okay, it is sunny and because I have been feeling rather __ I have not written. I have decided to focus on my health and Sophie's. She has been ill, then I have ben ill and then we have both been ill. I have also noticed that when I stay indoors even if just for a few days, I become rather depressed. With the depression comes the "oh, this hurts and that is bothering me" which then results in my seeing the doctor and taking a series of blood tests. My iron levels were practically non-existent and I had used up my iron reserve. How on earth did that happen? I eat vegetables, fruit and... is it possible that I ate that unhealthily? Hmmm? After supplements and all, my iron levels increased. but my energy did not. Not as much as I thought it would.

I am trying to exercise more and get out more. It makes me less depressed and I feel I have more energy. I am certinly not looking forward to winter. On the other hand, I have meet someone who drags me out and is helping me look at life from a different perspective. We are planning on taking over the world. Me, through my novels and she, through producing the film version. Sounds great!


A lonely task and requires that I have some hours for myself that are not at the end of the day when I am exhausted. My little girl starts nursery school in October and I will have 3h for myself after lunch. I am sure that during those first few days I'll do anything BUT write... I might even nap. That would not be good...

I haven't been on the writing site in a while. It bores me.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Great success!!!

I am trying to treat writing like a job, whether Sophie agrees with me or not, she is also coming along for the ride.

Her ride today was dull and tiresome. I would say that about 5min into my meeting with the guy at The Genome Center she was totally bored. Luckily he has a 3 year old as well and understands how these little beings have a very short attention span. VERY short... we gave her paper and a pencil and we were able to chat for another 20min or so.

The meeting went reeeeeeeeally well!!! I am very pleased I went and the result was information on what was possible and what was not possible with the whole DNA bladiblah (will not bore you with the science involved in my fantasy sci-fi novel). I was also informed that they don't spend too much time in the lab. There will be a couple of people there, but most of the work is done sitting in front of a computer. He also showed me the labs and *WOW* a computer that holds 60 terabyte in data and a gene mapping machine that costs £££ and generates 4 terabyte in data after 1 week of crunching samples and data. It was very enlightening.

So yes, I loved my research part of the novel and the next step is go to Japan. hehehe, I love my job. hahaha

Thursday, 22 July 2010


One of my downfalls.



What? Well, bubbles is this popping game where you et three bubbles of the same colour clustered together and they pop. Seriously, you don't want to know. it is highly addictive and I will not even dare link it here for shame and blame.

Facebook, we all know facebook and it is a portal to all things silly and useless. Comments here, there, everywhere. I have the laptop openedmost of the day even if I am not writing because the child is running around and when I think I can zone out and write, she decides she needs attention. Yes yes, taking care of her is my number one job and all things are second to that.

So now is 8pm and miracles of miracles she is in bed. First thing I do is either go for a jog or exercise. I am following a book that says exercise for 15min everyday and follow the super healthy menu. I am exercising, the menu is... well... kinda... erh... I do my own thing and it is also healthy so all is good.

I have not exercised, will do so once this entry is posted. After the exercise, shower followed by writing.

oh, and fixing all the typos in the previous post... oops! :o)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It should be treated like a job

It is what everyone says. Every known author says how they sit down for a number of hours, isolated, writing. It is not about looking at your laptop/notebook and running off to make tea, organize the underwear drawer, mowing the lawn. Those things should be done during your short break.

They also say do not give up your daytime job. My daytime job is taking care of my 3 year old daughter. It is not as easy as a 9-5 job where you can drop it all and go home. She generally wakes up around 7.30am and goes to bed 12h later. So how can I write around that? wake up at 6.00am and write until she wakes up? Once she is asleep I cook dinner for my husband and I must give him some attention and not ignore him because I am writing. I tried the ignoring bit and it really did not go down well. It was hard to balance two things I absolutely love without making one feel less loved.

It is a job.

I have now made an appointment to visit The Genome Center in London and will be speaking the head researcher who has agreed to help me out on some scientific points of my novel. Fingers crossed, he will also give me a tour of the place so that I can picture better the main character's offices and how her routine and daily life would be like.

The next place I have to visit is Japan. Yes. Half the story takes place in Japan.

Sorry, I can't say more without giving it all away ;o)

Yesterday I went to a How to Get Published seminar offered by Marie Claire and I must say I was impressed. I did not expect much and came out with so much useful information. Truly inspiring.

My 3 year old needs attention.