Monday, 26 July 2010

Great success!!!

I am trying to treat writing like a job, whether Sophie agrees with me or not, she is also coming along for the ride.

Her ride today was dull and tiresome. I would say that about 5min into my meeting with the guy at The Genome Center she was totally bored. Luckily he has a 3 year old as well and understands how these little beings have a very short attention span. VERY short... we gave her paper and a pencil and we were able to chat for another 20min or so.

The meeting went reeeeeeeeally well!!! I am very pleased I went and the result was information on what was possible and what was not possible with the whole DNA bladiblah (will not bore you with the science involved in my fantasy sci-fi novel). I was also informed that they don't spend too much time in the lab. There will be a couple of people there, but most of the work is done sitting in front of a computer. He also showed me the labs and *WOW* a computer that holds 60 terabyte in data and a gene mapping machine that costs £££ and generates 4 terabyte in data after 1 week of crunching samples and data. It was very enlightening.

So yes, I loved my research part of the novel and the next step is go to Japan. hehehe, I love my job. hahaha

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