Friday, 3 September 2010

Hi, I am R_ and it has been X days since I wrote.

It is sunny and my job took a back seat.

Okay, it is sunny and because I have been feeling rather __ I have not written. I have decided to focus on my health and Sophie's. She has been ill, then I have ben ill and then we have both been ill. I have also noticed that when I stay indoors even if just for a few days, I become rather depressed. With the depression comes the "oh, this hurts and that is bothering me" which then results in my seeing the doctor and taking a series of blood tests. My iron levels were practically non-existent and I had used up my iron reserve. How on earth did that happen? I eat vegetables, fruit and... is it possible that I ate that unhealthily? Hmmm? After supplements and all, my iron levels increased. but my energy did not. Not as much as I thought it would.

I am trying to exercise more and get out more. It makes me less depressed and I feel I have more energy. I am certinly not looking forward to winter. On the other hand, I have meet someone who drags me out and is helping me look at life from a different perspective. We are planning on taking over the world. Me, through my novels and she, through producing the film version. Sounds great!


A lonely task and requires that I have some hours for myself that are not at the end of the day when I am exhausted. My little girl starts nursery school in October and I will have 3h for myself after lunch. I am sure that during those first few days I'll do anything BUT write... I might even nap. That would not be good...

I haven't been on the writing site in a while. It bores me.

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